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Laser Gum Treatment
Laser Gum Treatment
LANAP a laser procedure that reverses gum disease.

Gum Disease Systemic Health

Perio and General Health. The Vital Connections Video 0

This is a video of the European Federation of Periodontology and the American Academy of Periodontology regarding the association of gum disease and systemic health

Why is a cardiologist talking about Gum Disease? Comments Off

Dr Paul Ridker a Cardiologist voted Time magazines 100 most influential people.  Dr. Ridker makes an impassioned plea to the periodontal community to continue to partner with the cardiology community to better understand how treating periodontal disease may help reduce the incidence of heart disease. He encourages the periodontal community to conduct and support research that will ultimately support a national clinical trial.  For more information regarding gum disease and systemic health visit

Baby killed by Gum Disease! Comments Off

This is a video about a mother that found her child was killed by her gum disease.  Also the FDA cleared laser procedure that reverses gum disease LANAP.

Gum Disease prevalence and Severity has been under reported 0

CDC report:  A new study published by the Journal of Dental Research discloses the prevalence, severity, and extent of Periodontitis among U.S. adults (age 30 years and over), with results that are much higher than ever expected. The study used data from the 2009-2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) cycle, and incorporated the first national probability sample with a full-mouth periodontal examination protocol (versus all previous partial-mouth examinations). Of the total people sampled in this study, here were the results: 47.2% (or 64.7 million total adults) had some degree of periodontitis 8.7% had mild periodontitis 30% had moderate periodontitis 8.5% had severe periodontitis 64% of adults (65 years and older) had either moderate or severe periodontitis Rates of periodontitis were highest among: Males (specifically Mexican-American) with less than a high school education Adults below 100% Federal Poverty Levels Current smokers http://jdr.sagepub.com/content/early/2012/08/29/0022034512457373.abstract

Gum disease increases the time it takes to get pregnant. 0

According to a new study out of Australia published in  Obstetrics & Gynecology.  It says it takes 2 extra months for a woman to become pregnant if she has gum disease. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/07/gum-disease-pregnancy-chances_n_890529.html?ref=fb&src=sp

Periodontists talk about LANAP Laser Surgery 0

Overview video of systemic effects of gum disease and LANAP LANAP laser gum surgery from Progressive Implantology & Periodontics.

Leaders in the Dental Field support LANAP 0

This is a video of a well respected Dentist in the Dental Profession speaking about the use of lasers in periodontal disease.  Goldstein Garber and Salama.

Gum Disease Kills Baby 0

This is a video regarding a lady that took a bacterial culture from her baby and found the bacteria, that killed her child, genetically identical to the bacteria in her gum disease.  

Gum Disease and your health Video 0

Problems inside your mouth, such as with your gums, teeth and/or tongue, can all be indicators that serious health troubles are lurking beneath the surface. It’s critical to pay attention to any and all signs or symptoms of oral problems. If your mouth is causing even the slightest discomfort, or you’re having trouble cleaning your teeth and gums, it’s time to book an appointment today to see your dentist. One common, yet frequently overlooked, oral issue is bleeding gums. Many people ignore inflamed or bleeding gums or brush it aside as a normal reaction to flossing, but the truth of the matter is that it’s one of the body’s clearest signs that something is awry. Think about the gums being similar to the skin on your body. If you developed an open sore every time you washed your hands, you would likely be very concerned and take immediate action to address the issue. The gums should be tended to with an equal amount of attention and care. There are several, even some surprising, reasons for bleeding gums besides plaque build-up. These includepregnancy and hormonal changes, excessive stress, smoking, challenged immune system functioning, disease and illnesses, such as cancer, HIV and diabetes, and more. And

Explanation of Gum disease 0

This is a video that explains gum disease.  From gingivitis to Periodontitis to tooth loss.