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Laser Gum Treatment
Laser Gum Treatment
LANAP a laser procedure that reverses gum disease.

Patient Experience with gum Surgery

LANAP Periodontal Laser for gingivitis testimonial Review 0

One of our favorite patients describes his experiences with LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure), cleanings, filings, and how grateful he is to Dr. Rosenberg for teaching him how important it is to floss! LANAP

Patient had Lanap laser gum treatment Comments Off

Patient had been told to remove all her teeth and get dentures.  Lanap was able to save her “worthless” teeth.

Another amazing LANAP experience Comments Off

This is a video of a person who had traditional Osseous Periodontal surgery then had LANAP.  “Incredibly simple easy and painless”  

Testimonial of LANAP patient Comments Off

Testimonial of LANAP patient  Here is a video a patient that had Lanap done

LANAP video testimonial Comments Off

This is a video of a patient that has had LANAP .LANAP is an FDA cleared laser procedure that reverses gum disease 

Patient had traditional gum surgery then LANAP 0

This patient had traditional gum flap Osseous surgery with bone grafting in the past and compares her experience with LANAP an FDA cleared laser treatment that is an alternative to traditional gum surgery.

American Health Journal Laser technique to treat Gum Disease 0

This is a video sponsored my Medical Journals that talks about LANAP.  Lanap is an FDA cleared laser procedure that reverses gum disease.

Gum Disease Kills Baby 0

Here is a video of a lady that found out that her gum disease was the cause of her baby’s death. In 2001, 8% (384200) of all 4.6 million infant stays nationwide included a diagnosis ofpreterm birth/low birth weight. Costs for these preterm/low birth weight admissions totaled $5.8 billion, representing 47% of the costs for all infant hospitalizations and 27% for all pediatric stays.Preterm/low birth weight infant stays averaged $15100, with a mean length of stay of 12.9 days versus $600 and 1.9 days for uncomplicated newborns. Gum disease can be reversed with LANAP LANAP.

Dentist and patient testimonials of LANAP 0

LANAP is an FDA cleared laser procedure that reverses gum disease.

Periodontist talks about LANAP 0

This is a video of a Periodontist talking about LANAP LANAP.  Lanap is an FDA cleared Laser periodontal treatment that reverses gum disease.  Gum disease being the primary cause of tooth loss.