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Laser Gum Treatment
Laser Gum Treatment
LANAP a laser procedure that reverses gum disease.

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Harvard Periodontist lecture on Laser Gum Surgery LANAP Comments Off

Dr Mineo has been a Harvard trained periodontist for over 15 Years.  Dr Mineo gives a lecture regarding laser periodontal treatment LANAP.

Video of Periodontist Review of LANAP Laser Gum Treatment Comments Off

Video of Periodontist Review of LANAP Laser Gum Treatment. This Periodontist is a professor of periodontics at 2 universities.  By using lasers for periodontics he has been able to eliminate bad breath, gives patients more energy, eliminates bleeding gums, and avoids tooth loss.

Periodontist and LANAP for Laser Gum Surgery Comments Off

Video of a Periodontist discussing the LASER and how it is used to treat gum disease. This technology eliminates the discomfort of traditional gum surgery.

Do I need to see a Periodontist or a Dentist? 0

Here is a video of a Dentist that does LANAP.  He explains why it is in your best interest to see your dentist first before seeing a Periodontist.

Leaders in the Dental Field support LANAP 0

This is a video of a well respected Dentist in the Dental Profession speaking about the use of lasers in periodontal disease.  Goldstein Garber and Salama.

LANAP Dentist Periodontist Attorney Malpractice 0

This is a video of a  Dentist, Periodontist, Attorney that discusses  the Informed consent process a patient is entitled to know about their options.  If a patient has gum disease and a patient is not told about LANAP the patient has NOT been given full informed consent.  That would be considered malpractice.

Laser Periodontist and LANAP Comments Off

Board Certified Periodontist and Proffesor of Periodontics at University Of Penn discusses LANAP a FDA cleared laser procedure that reverses gum disease.

Where did all the periodontists go? 0

Interesting article  Where did all the periodontists go? For more on this topic, go to www.dentaleconomics.com and search using the following key words: periodontists periodontists, total facial esthetics, general dentist, Dr. Louis Malcmacher. Through my travels to talk to dental professionals across America, I speak to many specialists and their teams about the hottest topics in dentistry — practice management and total facial esthetics. There are definite trends changing all specialties across the board, whether it’s short-term orthodontics versus long-term orthodontics, adhesive resin endodontics versus traditional gutta percha endodontics, or whether general dentists should provide any of these specialty services. I would have to say that the biggest change of any dental specialty is in the periodontal field. There has been a real mindset change that deeply affects the profession. I am not commenting on whether this change is good or bad — I will leave that up to the reader to decide. I have always believed that general dentists are the quarterbacks of any patient treatment case, and we certainly rely on the skills and input of dental specialists, but the ultimate responsibility is on the general dentist. Here is what many periodontists periodontists have told me over the