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Laser Gum Treatment
Laser Gum Treatment
LANAP a laser procedure that reverses gum disease.

Politics of LANAP

Dental Lasers are not interchangeable. Comments Off

Don’t be fooled by false claims of laser treatment for gum disease 

Why should traditional Periodontal Flap and osseous Periodontal surgery not be done? Comments Off

This video illustrates the reason why gum surgery should not be done any more.  Or at least used as a last resort.  This technique continues to be used to this day.  Improvements in technology have made this procedure obsolete in most cases.   To see the differences in laser gum treatment and traditional gum surgery see GUM SURGERY.

Why would a cardiologist talk about gum disease? Comments Off

In two thousand and four Doctor Paul Ritker was named by time magazine as one of the one hundred most influential people in the world now how does one get considered for a list of the most influential people in the world well for starters you must do something trans formative change the world in a way that is likely to have long term implications fifteen years ago it was known but often ignored that more than half of the first heart attacks occurred in people with normal cholesterol levels 7 more than ten years ago doctorate chris started the series of studies that demonstrated quite convincingly than me that inflammation was a major factor in miocardial and strokes the data even indicated that the risk student elevated inflammation wasn’t least is great as the risk to the elevated ldl cholesterol as you might imagine this revolutionary finding was not welcomed by everyone the doctorate permit criticism not with the argument but with more and more evidence in the past ten years doctor richter has truly transform medicne as a direct result of his determined efforts elevated inflammation is now recognized as a critical factor in the major chronic diseases of aging doctor richter is very much

Leaders in the Dental Field support LANAP 0

This is a video of a well respected Dentist in the Dental Profession speaking about the use of lasers in periodontal disease.  Goldstein Garber and Salama.

LANAP Dentist Periodontist Attorney Malpractice 0

This is a video of a  Dentist, Periodontist, Attorney that discusses  the Informed consent process a patient is entitled to know about their options.  If a patient has gum disease and a patient is not told about LANAP the patient has NOT been given full informed consent.  That would be considered malpractice.

Politics of LANAP 0

A post by Dr Wes Hadix was posted on a Dental Site that was so well written I decided to repost here. Initially a Periodontist posted  I visit Laser Dentistry forums on occasion for a brief escape from reality and comic relief.  Every so often, there are some great cases being presented.  Otherwise, it’s like being hounded in the Expo Hall on the last day of a dental convention. The bias is so thick you can cut it with a knife.  Someone please discuss HONESTLY, where are we headed with lasers in dentistry? Are we doomed to repeat a bunch of case reports and testimonials? Where is the NIH, The ADA, The AAP? Cowards! If we dentists have a shred of integrity left, then we must demand the UNBIASED research. Without it, we are doomed to lose our credibility with the public and with our peers. Please God, don’t tell me about Ray Yukna’s paper one more time or ill puke! It’s one of the weakest forms of evidence on the tree of research. It’s not that I don’t appreciate his contribution, but too many people hold onto it like the last life boat on the Titanic.  It may keep you afloat, but just barely. I don’t even think