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Laser Gum Treatment
Laser Gum Treatment
LANAP a laser procedure that reverses gum disease.

Congratulations MDT for LANAP research under way 0

The LANAP Clinical Study – randomized, controlled, calibrated, prospective, longitudinal, blinded, 75 patients (vs 64 originally ), 6 PI’s (vs 5 originally), 4 quad split mouth design, MW, S/RP, LANAP, OHI all completed on the patient at the same appointment)  will begin in August2010, as we have all the elements , (legal agreements, contracts, re-approved IRB’s, new Clinical Monitor, etc) in place and the final PI Calibration Session has been confirmed with all PI’s and calibrated blinded examiners to be held August 15th-16th


Also, Human Histology Study #2

In a new human histology study that seeks to replicate the Yukna HH resullts, this HH includes single AND multi-rooted teeth (12) AND teeth notched then immediately removed (6) then SEMed for proof of placement of the notch at the apical extent of diseased calculus.  Then nine(9) months before removal of the bone block sections with the experimental teeth (vs 3 months in the Yukna study).  No control teeth (see Mellonig J Perio 09-09 Clinical and Histologic Evaluation of Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy With Enamel Matrix Derivative: A Report of Four Cases”).  6 single rooted, 6 multi-rooted, 6 notched and immediate extraction.  Yukna is not the PI, but a well known university-based periodontal researcher is.




The first 4 full mouth LANAP case treatments in the New LANAP Human Histology have been completed. Now we wait 9 months for the LANAP experimental teeth to be removed en bloc this date forward. The next 8 full mouth LANAP cases to shortly follow. 

What other laser company, clinician, or academic researcher is doing the same for their protocol? That is, I mean, giving an ongoing update, as I did with the Yukna HH, let alone conducting HH?  The answer is none.  Hard to give an update, let alone conduct a HH study when one has NO protocol to research….

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