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Laser Gum Treatment
Laser Gum Treatment
LANAP a laser procedure that reverses gum disease.

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We are located between four major freeways: the 5, 710, 605 and 105. We are also between two major streets: Florence and Firestone, then between the minor streets of 4th place and 3rd street next door
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This is a NEWS broadcast of LANAP Laser Assisted New Attachemant procedure. The Dentist is using the Periolase laser gum treatment to reverse gum disease gingivitis periodontitis. The periolase laser is used to selectivly zap away the infection that causes gum disease gingivitis and periodontitis. No more cutting of the gums which means a shorter and less discomfort recovery.

The wellness hour interviews a dentist that is doing LANAP the latest advancement in the treatment of gum disease. Gum disease may be a thing of the past. Expert on gum disease, bad breath, gums that bleed when you floss, swollen gums, and gums are shrinking away from your teeth or loose teeth. Laser Periodontal therapy also know as Therapeutic Laser Care.

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