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Laser Gum Treatment
Laser Gum Treatment
LANAP a laser procedure that reverses gum disease.

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I had LANAP LANAP surgery (laser gum surgery) in mid June after delaying gum surgery for several years due to my fear of the old fashioned cut & suture method. 

After getting numbed my dentist proceeded to clean my teeth first then started the Lanap procedure immediately afterward. There was a slight smell of burning diseased tissue but nothing overpowering to my 
senses. I felt warm sensation from the laser but no pain whatsoever. He re-cleaned my teeth and applied the laser once more before he was finished with my right side. Afterwards I was re-scheduled to return a week later to do the left side of my mouth.

The right side took approximately 1 1/2 hours including the time to numb my mouth and the left side took under an hour. There was some bruising on my gums but very little discomfort and pain. I took pain pills the first day but by day two felt fine and no longer needed to take any. I was also able to eat normal foods the evening of the procedure. I was given PeriRx to rinse with twice a day, morning and evening, and antibiotics to treat the infection. I did not do well with the antibiotic Erthryomycin. It caused me to have severe stomach bloating, cramps and overall discomfort. I contacted the doctor and he recommended that I stop taking the antibiotics and continue with the PeriRx.

My gums are pink and healthy looking and the only downside I’m experiencing since this procedure is more teeth sensitivity when I eat or drink. This could be attributed to the gums shrinking and healing.

The reason I avoided the old fashioned cut and suture method was the horror reports of severe pain, severe gum shrinkage and the inability to eat solid food for quite some time. I’m so thankful for technology that has advanced to the point where suffering unnecessarily can be avoided. I was also impressed by the five year follow-up for patients that had the LANAP procedure. There were positive reports of bone growth and teeth extractions being avoided. The numbers weren’t as convincing for the traditional method where patients many times had to have the surgery done again and often lost teeth in the process.  

This was a journey I took after doing thorough research and weighing the pros and cons. My out of pocket was minimal after my insurance and I consider it money well spent towards improving my overall health.

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